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Windows Hosting

The Aruba Windows Hosting service allows you to register with the competent Authority a Domain with an extension you can choose from those available and have unlimited disk space to publish your pages and files, complying with the Aruba Policy.

Based on the Windows Server 2008 and 2012 R2 platform, the service provides native support for ASP, Access Databases and the ASP.NET Framework 2.0/3.5/4.0 for Windows Server 2008 and 2.0/3.5 - 4.5/4.6/4.7 for Windows Server 2012. Other languages are also provided, e.g. Perl and PHP.

When you purchase the Windows Hosting service, there is an Admin Dashboard to configure and manage your web space, where you can access and manage all of the services (included or optional) in your Hosting package.

For the most demanding and expert clients, who already avail themselves of FTP Clients, or editors for the creation of their site, the Website Publication section provides useful tips and practical advice on how to manage and publish your website

For those who are approaching the creation and management of a website for the first time, in the Website Creation Included Services section, there are detailed guides on how to proceed with the management and publication of your site by using the Permission Manager and Scheduled Task free tools.

1.1 Windows Hosting Area Control Panel and Functions
Aruba provides a Control Panel to its clients, allowing you to autonomously manage your web space and the services you purchase. All the Panel key functions and tips to use your Hosting service more effectively

1.2 Restoring the initial web space configuration
A tool allowing you to restore the permissions on the special folders of your web space to the initial configuration.

1.3 Manage IIS Tool Webserver
A feature, available exclusively for Domains with Hosting Windows based on Windows 2008 platform, which allows you to modify the Framework.

1.4 PHP Version to run the software on the Windows Hosting space
In case of Domains that reside on 2012 server, you can choose the PHP version to use for run the software present on Hosting Windows space

1.5 www Host Management in the case of Windows + Linux Hosting Activation
A free tool you can access from the Control Panel, allowing you to route the www host pointing either to the Windows or Linux space.

1.6 Web Space Reset
If you want to reset your Web space you must send specific documentation to Aruba. All the details in the dedicated guide.

2.1 Permission Manager Characteristics
A tool that allows you to manage the Read, Write, and Execute permissions of your web space files and folders. An operational guide on the features and how to use Permission Manager.

2.2 Permission Manager - File Manager Menu
A section to manage the web space of your site, create, edit and delete folders and files, set and modify the Read, Write, and Execute permissions.

2.3 Permission Manager - Permissions Backup Menu
A section dedicated to creating Backup files, in which to save the permissions assigned to files and folders.

2.4 Permission Manager - Restore permission Menu
A section dedicated to the restoration of the permissions saved in the Backup Permission.config file.

2.5 Permission Manager - View Log Menu
Through this section it is possible to view the LOG of the operations requested through File Manager, and the status of the same.

2.6 Features and operations that can be performed with Scheduled Task
Il tool consente di programmare il lancio di applicazioni presenti all’interno dello spazio web, specificando date e orari di inizio e termine e pianificando intervalli di tempo per la ripetizione dei task.

3.1 Site publication and FTP Client configuration
Domains with Windows Hosting service, are supported by the system of publishing and managing their sites, and access to web space via FTP protocol.

3.2 Manage FTP Access
A protection system that allows all customers who own a Domain with Hosting service (Windows, Linux or Windows + Linux), to avoid unauthorized access by third parties or automatic systems.

3.2 Manage FTP Access
Un sistema di protezione che permette a tutti i clienti che possiedono un dominio con servizio Hosting (Windows, Linux o Windows + Linux), di evitare accessi non autorizzati da parte di terzi o di sistemi automatici.

3.3 Set and manage Cookie Law
Some of the most popular applications (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal use their own plugins to ensure their sites compliance with European Cookie Law. The article exemplifies the procedures to follow to set up the notice with handwritten pages and script for Cookie pop-ups.


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