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1.2 Ordering and activating a third level domain

Third level domains can be ordered at any time, if you already have an active domain. To continue:
  1. Sign in to the customer hosting area;
  2. Click on "Manage" next to the relevant domain;
  3. Then choose "THIRD LEVELS":

When placing the order, you need to enter the name of the third level domain that you would like to activate, choose the main services to be combined with it (Windows Hosting, Linux Hosting, Redirect and mail, DNS Management, etc.) and any additional services (unlimited email, Antivirus+Antispam, Gigamail, MySQL, MSSQL, etc.), which can be different from those associated with the second level domain to which the third level domain is linked.
  It is also possible to choose to manage the third level domain with the same login details (( username and associated password) for the second level domain to which it is linked, or to ask for a new account to be assigned to each third level domain ordered (for more details, please refer to the appropriate guide).

Once the order has been placed, you will receive an order confirmation email, sent to the email addresses provided in your personal and billing details, which will contain information about how to pay. If the email addresses are the same, only one message will be sent.

The service is activated approximately 24/48 hours after payment has been registered by Aruba (the time taken to register payments depends on the payment method used - for more details, please refer to the relevant guide).
  The full third level address is, without www before the name chosen for the third level domain.
If you enter the address, an error page will be displayed.
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