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6.1 Public administration payment methods

If you are purchasing a Hosting product or service on behalf of a public administration or a public body, to make the payment please proceed as follows:
  1. On completion of the order (for the purchase or renewal) on the Aruba Hosting site, select transfer as the payment method and on acceptance of the contractual terms and conditions, click on "CONFIRM and complete the order":
  2. You will receive an order confirmation email to the email address provided in the holder details and the order will be set to the status "Waiting for payment";;
  3. Send to Aruba a payment commitment on the letterhead of the public administration or body, indicating in full:
    • The order number (form no. if applicable);
    • The service and sum corresponding to the payment;
    • Unique code PA, CIG (Tender ID Code) and CUP (Unique Project Code);
    • Any additional details that would facilitate the issuing of the invoice(e.g. "commitment protocol");
    • If the public body or public administration falls under the Split Payment scheme, this must be expressly indicated as, on issuing the Invoice, payment will be taken for the taxable amount only, whilst the VAT will be paid to the Revenue Agency;
  4. The payment commitment must be signed (both handwritten and electronic signatures are accepted) by the representative of the body;
  5. The documentation must be sent:
On receipt and registration of the payment commitment, Aruba will issue the invoice and send it to the SDI exchange system. In order to settle the invoice, the public administration or public body must accept it within and no later than 15 days of receipt.
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