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3.1.1 How to log into your WordPress Dashboard

You can log into your WordPress Dashboard by entering:
  • IN THE ROOT: http://www.dominio.ext/wp-admin/ o http://www.dominio.ext/wp-login.php
  • IN A SUBDIRECTORY: http://www.dominio.ext/sottocartella/wp-admin/ o http://www.dominio.ext/wordpress/wp-login.php
In the login page, enter:
  1. Your admin user login as wp_numerologin (e.g. if your Aruba login is [email protected], your WordPress admin user will be "wp_123456");
  2. and your Password;

After logging in, you can make the changes to the screen using the "Screen Options" button in the upper right hand corner, as in the following screenshot:

Simply edit the account used to login by:
  • clicking "Hi, wp_xxxxxx" in the upper right hand corner;
  • and selecting "Edit My Profile":

To log out of WordPress, select "Log Out" in the same menu.
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