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1.2 Restoring the initial web space configuration

The Restore Initial Configuration Tool allows you to restore permissions on the special folders of your web space. This article specifies which are the system default folders, the special folders, and the procedure to be followed to restore their initial configuration.
The web space default folders are the following:

The special folders are:
  • cgi-bin: read and execute permissions

    The folder can contain files that require executable permissions, e.g. CGI (written in Perl) and some PHP files. It doesn’t have any write permissions but the files it contains are accessible via Browser.
  • mdb-database: write permissions

    The folder must contain the Databases. It can’t be accessed via Browser, therefore, the pages it may contain can’t be accessed and the Databases can’t be downloaded.
  • Public: read and write permissions

    The folder can contain all the files you need to write on, perform handling operations via script, create files on-the-fly using the supported languages; forums, guestbooks, meters and the like that use a text file to be edited should be placed in this folder, or subfolders, or the write output must be directed to this folder.
  • App_Data: write permissions

    The App-Data folder is the default folder to place all data sources in the framework . For example, if you want to use an application (a forum) for data storage, you must use this folder, which has the same configuration as the mdb-database folder (the files it contains are therefore not directly accessible via Browser). It can be used for all devices (e.g. MDB, XML, text files), excluding MDF files (SQL Server files).
To restore the initial configuration, log into the Control Panel with your Authentication Codes ( and Password), select "Windows Hosting" from the left-side menu and click "Restore Configuration":

In the window that appears, click the "Restore Permissions and Frontpage Extensions" button:

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