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Linux Hosting

The Aruba Linux Hosting service allows you to register with the competent Authorities a Domain with an extension chosen from those available and have unlimited disk space to publish your pages and files, complying with the Aruba Policy.

Based on the Linux platform, this service natively supports Perl and PHP. It is ideal to install CMSes or web apps that use the MySQL Database.

When you purchase the Windows Hosting service, there is a Control Panel to configure and manage your web space, where you can access and manage all of the services (included or optional) in your Hosting package.

For the most demanding and expert clients, who already avail themselves of Client Ftp, or editors for the creation of their site, the Website Publication section provides useful tips and practical advice on how to manage and publish your web space.

For those who are approaching the creation and management of a website for the first time, in the Website Creation Included Services section, there are detailed guides on how to proceed with the management and publication of your site by using the File Manager, Scheduled Task and Application Installer free tools. The latter allows you to install, remove and manage the most popular applications.

1.1 Control Panel and Linux Hosting Area Functions
Aruba provides a Control Panel to its clients, allowing you to autonomously manage your web space and the services you purchase. All the Panel key functions and tips to use your Hosting service more effectively.

1.2 Assigning special permissions to Files and Folders
The Linux operating system allows you to verify, edit and assign special permissions to the files and folders contained in the web space, accessing them via FTP and using the CHMOD (change the access mode of a file) command.

1.3 www Host management in the case of Windows+Linux Hosting Activation
A free tool you can access from the Control Panel, allowing you to route the www host pointing either to the Windows or Linux space

1.4 Web Space Reset
Nel caso in cui si voglia effettuare il Reset del proprio Spazio Web, è necessario inviare ad Aruba specifica documentazione. Tutti i dettagli nella guida dedicata

2.1 Tasks you can complete with the free File Manager tool
A free tool to view, delete and publish files up to 20 MB in your web space. An operating guide about the features and how to use File Manager.

2.2 Linux Hosting Control Panel: "Tools and Settings"
Free tools that let you, among other things, view error logs, verify and restore folder permissions and carry out tests to check the mail PHP function, as well as tests to check the functioning of PHP and CGI scripts. Full list in the guide.

2.3 Softaculous App Installer: Key features and functions
It is the ideal environment to host the most popular applications, providing the possibility to install, remove and manage them, even if you don't have any specific technical skills.

2.4 Softaculous App Installer: Install and manage applications
The details of how to install and manage applications using Softaculous App Installer.

2.5 WordPress troubleshooting and maintenance operations
The article describes the best practices for solving common errors in using WordPress and for the proper maintenance and management of the same.

2.6 Features and operations that can be performed with Scheduled Task
This tool allows you to schedule the launch of applications in the web space, specifying the start/end times and dates, and scheduling time intervals for task repetition.

3.2 Manage FTP Access
Un sistema di protezione che permette a tutti i clienti che possiedono un dominio con servizio Hosting (Windows, Linux o Windows + Linux), di evitare accessi non autorizzati da parte di terzi o di sistemi automatici.

4.1 Languages and Web Space - Configuration Tips
Indicazioni utili per la configurazione e gestione del proprio sito

4.2 Solutions to the most common error messages
Procedure su come risolvere i messaggi di errore più comuni

4.3 Security advice against viruses and malware
Consigli pratici e suggerimenti utili per difendere il proprio Pc da attacchi esterni

4.4 Frequently asked questions
Per trovare le risposte alle richieste più frequenti fatte dai clienti

4.5 Configuration tips
Le Guide non ufficiali con alcuni consigli utili per la gestione dei servizi.


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