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3.2.5 Transferring domains with other extensions (.es, .de, new gTLD) to

You can also transfer domains to that are not in the online cart to be transferred, including, for example: .es, .de, new gTLD etc. To do this:
  1. On the dedicated page enter the domain name, including the extension ;
  2. Click on "TRASNFER":

  3. Fill in the form with the information requested;
    • check the box for the option concerning the consent for the processing of personal data and confirm the age of majority
    • click on "SUBMIT":

    A confirmation message will be displayed summarizing the next steps to be followed to complete the process of transferring the domain:
  The transfer involves disabling the email accounts linked to the domain and taking down the website. While the procedure is underway, use alternative email accounts for your communication. Once the domain has been activated, recreate the email accounts and publish the website again. If you select preconfigure your services, you can limit the downtime of the services, but if the old Provider removes the DNS records before publication, the site will no longer be visible.
  For Domains with,, new gTLD (New band A/B/C/D/E/F extensions) extensions, after the transfer, you must confirm your contact details. To do this, respond, within 15 days of receiving the contact details confirmation email, sent to the address provided in the "owner details". Failing this, the domain will be suspended and will not be visible or editable (for details, see Confirm registrant's (owner) details for a domain).
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