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3.2.2 Transferring a .eu domain to

To transfer a .eu domain to
  1. On the dedicated page enter the domain name, including the extension ;
  2. Click on "TRANSFER":

  3. Read the policy and continue;
  4. Choose the basic service to apply to the domain and any additional services then click on "Proceed";
  5. Read the order summary, enter the "Discount Code", if you have one, and proceed;
  6. Choose the login details to use for the domain according to the following instructions:
    • CLIENT ALREADY REGISTERED: enter the Username and Password if you have them (if you have forgotten them, you can recover them by following the instructions in the relevant section);
    • NEW USER: register as a new user.
  7. On the "OWNER DETAILS" page:
    • Specify whether you want to assign the domain to the owner or to someone else;
    • Enter the authorization code (Authinfo) which you need to transfer the domain, and fill in the form about the "owner's (registrant's) - details";
    • in the section on "Additional owner details for .eu domains", with Country of residence, Whois email and language for the ADR process and then click on "Proceed";
  8. Fill in the Form about the "billing details" for the domain (this information will be used for tax purposes, to issue invoices and other accounting documents, so we recommend making sure these details are correct) and click on "Proceed";
  9. On the "Order form" page:
    • Choose a payment method;
    • Choose the "Renewal frequency" for the domain (between one and five years, for products that are on offer, you can select one or two years), or for how many years you want to renew the service and for how many years it will automatically be renewed when it next expires;
    • Accept the terms and conditions for the service by checking the appropriate boxes and click on "Proceed" to finish the order.
You will receive an "order confirmation" email at the email addresses provided in the "personal details" and "billing details" which will contain information about how to pay (if the email addresses provided are the same, only one message will be sent). The domain transfer will only be sent to the relevant Authority once payment has been received, which will be confirmed in a payment confirmation message sent to the email address in the "billing details".

Confirmation of the successful transfer is sent by email to the email address provided in the "personal details". The domain and associated services are fully activated within 24-48 hours of receipt of the "Activation Confirmation" email".
  It is possible that EURid will carry out random checks by asking for feedback from the registrant of the domain being transferred. If ownership has changed, both the new and old domain registrant may be contacted. You have 5 days to confirm the change before the process is cancelled.

If the Transfer is not successful:

  • Sign in to the customer area;
  • Click on "INITIATE TRASNSFER AGAIN", which you will only be able to see if the transfer has failed, to send the transfer request again:

  • Repeat the transfer process as described above.
  The transfer involves disabling the email accounts linked to the domain and taking down the website. During this transfer process, use alternative email accounts for your communications. Once the domain has been activated, recreate the email accounts and publish the website again. If you select "Preconfigure your services" you can limit the downtime of the services, but if the old Provider removes the DNS records before publication is complete, the site will no longer be visible.
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