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Domains > 5 - Changing details

5.1 Data summary and possible changes
When registering a domain, you are asked to provide three types of details: personal details, holder details and billing details. Below is a list of the information you need to insert and the possible changes that can be made.

5.2 Procedures to change details
A table from where you can access all the procedures to change the details of domains registered on

5.3 Change of domain registrant (holder)
Changing the first name, last name, tax code, VAT number specified in the holder details entails a change of property of the domain. Please find all the details in the guide.

5.4 Change company name
How to request the update of your company name for domains in the name of companies, bodies and associations.

5.5 Change legal representative (Admin-C)
The procedures to change the legal representative specified in the holder details for domains registered by companies, bodies and associations.

5.6 Change your email address of reference
When you register a domain, you will be asked to insert a valid and working email address for all the requested details (personal, holder and billing). Please find the instructions to change it in the guide.

5.7 Change contact details
The procedures to change contact details (address, zip code, town/city and province of residence, telephone and fax) provided when registering a domain.

5.8 Change billing details
During the renewal of your domain, you can change the billing details following the online procedure. Alternatively, you can send the documentation requested.

5.9 Change domain details
Procedure to properly change domains.


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