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7.5 Termination and cancellation of a domain name with .com, .org, .biz, .net, .info, .cc .us and new extensions

To request the termination and cancellation of a domain with an extension other than .it, .eu,, e .de registered with Aruba-REG, send a request to Aruba in english, signed by the domain holder or the legal representative (in the case of a domain registered in the name of a company / association / body), and accompanied by a copy of their identity document:
  • Example of a request in English for private citizens and vompanies / bodies / associations:

    Dear Open SRS Administration,
    I am writing You with reference to my domain to ask you to cancel the registration of this domain immediately; below you can find the details of the domain name owner:

    For individual (for domains registered in the name of a private individual or self-employed professional), continue by entering:
    • First name;
    • Second name;
    • Place and date of birth;
    • Zip code;
    • Province;
    • Taxpayer identification number (Tax Code or VAT number if self-employed);
    For company (for domains registered in the name of a company / association / organization):
    • Company name (association name / domain holding body);
    • Vat Number;
    • Address
    • Legal representative;
    • Sworn statement written on letter headed paper.
  • Valid identity document of the domain holder (natural person) or their legal representative (legal person).
Alternatively, you can send it by:
  1. Registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt addressed to:
    Aruba S.p.A.
    Località Palazzetto n. 4
    52011 Bibbiena (AR)
  2. By Certified Email (if you have a PEC certified mail account) to, attaching the documents required for the cancellation.
If the documentation sent is complete and correct, Aruba will forward the request to the competent Authority.
  Once they have been cancelled, the domain names will be available for new registrations. Under no circumstances will Aruba grant a refund for the period during which it was not used or for the activation of the services cancelled.
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